5 major benefits of variable data printing

Variable-data printing is a process made possible through advances in digital printing technology. It is a form of on-demand printing in which all the documents in a print are similar but not identical.

Nowadays variable data printing has gone far beyond printing different names and addresses on a document. With advanced variable data printing software, one can insert various graphics into a document, use different colors and also change the layout. It works because it enables the business to precisely pinpoint and customize all aspects of the direct mail campaign to their customers. Variable data printing creates a strong marketing platform for a wide range of applications.

There are remarkable benefits and huge cost saving by embracing variable data printing method.

Here are the five major benefits of Variable Data Printing:

  • Personalized and Customized printing: Variable data printing automates the production of personalized and customized print that urges the recipients to respond and allows the company to connect to the customers.
  • Colors: Variable data printing allows widespread and advanced use of customize colors which grab customer’s attention more effectively than black and white printing. Application of appropriate colors can be an efficient way to harmonize your brand identity and emphasize important information.
  • Images and Maps: You can show exactly where your store is located or show custom images based on the specific person’s demographic. Variable data printing permits you to change images and maps. Images can be customized and carefully selected for the specific audience.
  • Increases your ROI by Using Mailing List Data: Variable data printing helps you to create custom copy and information to grab people’s attention. Acquiring custom information like names, addresses, marital status and personal interest will make your direct mail piece more appealing and relevant to recipient.
  • Custom Fonts: Not only can addresses and mailing list data be printed directly on the direct mail piece, but all of it can be printed in a variety of fonts so that font type balances the rest of your design or corporate identity. You may change the font depending on your target audience.

Variable Data Printing has revolutionized the way corporates connect with their valuable clients. DSS has the right and economical solution for variable data printing. DSS offers the best printing solutions in PUNE. We have also come up with a unique concept of bulk printing services in Pune.

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